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Virtual TeleHealth: Individual Teen & Adults

*HIPPA Compliant Platform


In-Person House Visit: Family Nutrition

*Must have a doctors referral letter and

be located in the Northern VA area*

Step 1:  Please APPLY to work with me
Private Coaching Application
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Step 2:  Consistency & Accountability


Balanced Plate Lifestyle Programs


Bi-weekly virtual sessions allow you to quickly make incremental improvements toward your wellness goals. Accountability sessions provide you with a critical opportunity for regular points of reflection.  This allows you to not only notice behavior patterns but it also gives you time to course-correct or pivot as you see fit. These sessions are truly about you understanding why you achieved some things and why you didn't achieve others in order for you to continue to grow and improve during your personal wellness journey.  Because many small changes are easier to make than one massive readjustment, meeting on a regular basis helps keep you on track and accountable to your wellness goals.


**Accountability sessions are meant to celebrate current successes & wins, identify and discuss any struggle areas, and establish new solutions and action items to keep you achieving success! 

**Superbill Requirements:  Must provide a doctors referral letter with ICD codes listed** 

Teen & Adult TeleHealth

  • ADJUSTED Balance 4-Month $1440

*90-minute Initial Consult

*8x 30-45min Accountability sessions


  • STEADY Balance 6-Month  $2040 

*90-minute Initial Consult

*12x 30-45min Accountability sessions


  • COMPLETE Balance 8-Month $2640

*90-minute Initial Consult

*16x 30-45min Accountability sessions 

Family Nutrition Programs


**All programs take place in the family's home (MUST be in Northern Virginia) and include an initial consult where the dietitian gathers all necessary information in order ti create an action plan as well as five additional wellness sessions that would be scheduled every three weeks. These additional sessions focus primarily on nutrition education as well as hands-on learning & engaging activities.  These programs are for families with children ages 6-12. Furthermore, each family will have access to our HIPPA compliant wellness platform Healthie in order to view personalized educational materials, recipes, ask the dietitian questions, upload specific documents as requested by the dietitian, and many more functions. 

**Superbill Requirements:  Must provide a doctors referral letter with ICD codes listed** 

Family Wellness Programs $1200

*Dietitian travels to home*

Specialty Areas Include:

  • HYPERLIPIDEMIA Prevention Program


  • PRE-DIABETIC/DIABETIC Prevention Program 

Step 3:  Need a few more sessions?
Follow-up ONLY Packages
Depending upon your personal wellness journey, these sessions can continue being used as bi-weekly or you can opt for 1x a month. Your dietitian will help direct you toward the best option that best fits your lifestyle, nutritional needs, & wellness goals.
Adult TeleHealth
3x 45 min: $405 
5x 45min: $625  
Family House Visit
3x 60 min: $435 
5x 60 min: $725 
**Additional Nutrition Services**  
*Nutrition Specific: Wellness Talks or Programs
*Grocery Store Adventure
*Personalized Cooking Lessons
(Perfect for teens, youth & families, as well as any specific dietary restriction/medical diagnosis)
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Nutrition, Fitness, Registered, Dietitian, A, Balanced, Life, Rx, Personal, Trainer

Client Financial Responsibility Statement


Payment is expected at the time of service.  All packages must be paid in full or in two separate payments prior to the initial consultation. Payment is accepted in the form of either cash, check, or credit card.  Please note that if you decide to pay with a credit card, you will be charged a processing fee.  Please make checks payable to A Balanced Life Rx.  All programs are nonrefundable at the date of purchase and commitment with A Balanced Life Rx.


As written in the client services agreement, all nutrition/personal training packages will expire within three months of your initial consultation. A Balanced Life Rx LLC is not an insurance provider.  It is your responsibility to determine if your insurance will cover your nutrition and wellness services; if so a receipt will be provided in order to receive reimbursement from your insurance provider.  Thank you.

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