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The Busy Mom

High Performing Professional

The Teen Athlete

Lifestyle Program Includes:

Unlimited food logging support via Healthie app

Meal and snack ideas to help boost energy levels and performance

Personalized meal planning guidance to meet your unique needs

Motivational counseling to stay on track

Behavior modification strategies related to your food choices

Weekly or Bi-weekly accountability check-ins via video chat conferencing 

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*Consistency & Accountability*


Balanced Plate Lifestyle Programs


Both lifestyle program provides virtual check-ins which allow you to quickly make incremental improvements toward your wellness goals. Accountability sessions provide you with a critical opportunity for regular points of reflection.  This allows you to not only notice behavior patterns but it also gives you time to course-correct or pivot as you see fit. These sessions are truly about you understanding why you achieved some things and why you didn't achieve others in order for you to continue to grow and improve during your personal wellness journey. Because this is a LIFESTYLE change, it is important to remember to focus on one small change at a time rather than too many at once. Meeting on a regular basis helps keep you on track, consistent, and accountable to your wellness goals.  Accountability sessions are meant to celebrate current successes & wins, identify and discuss any struggle areas, and establish new solutions and action items to keep you achieving success! 

Balanced Lifestyle Programs



Weekly Program $500/month

*60-minute Goal Setting Virtual Call

*Weekly 30-minute Virtual/Phone Calls



Bi-Weekly Program $375/month

*60-minute Goal Setting Virtual Call

*Bi-Weekly Email Check-Ins using Healthie app

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**Additional Nutrition Services**  
Nutrition Specific Seminar
Lunch n Learn (can be offered online)
(60 minutes, nutrition specific, food provided upon request for additional fee)
12-Week Virtual Stay Healthy Challenge
(Goal Setting Workshop, Private FB Community, Weekly Food & Fitness Accountability tasks, Weekly Self Reflections, Nutrition Education & Evidence Based Articles, Weekly Live video with dietitian, 6-week Meal Prep Guide, Program Handbook, and more)
Nutrition, Fitness, Registered, Dietitian, A, Balanced, Life, Rx, Personal, Trainer

Client Financial Responsibility Statement

Payment is expected at the time of service.  All programs are monthly subscriptions and are set for recurring monthly payments. *All programs require a 4-month minimum commitment* Please keep in mind that I tend to work with my clients anywhere between 6-12 months at a time as I only offer lifestyle programs that emphasize behavioral changes and the building of healthy habits. Please note that I do require a 30-day cancellation letter in order to hold or cancel services. Payment is accepted in the form of credit card. 

A Balanced Life Rx LLC is not an insurance provider.  It is your responsibility to determine if your insurance will cover your nutrition and wellness services; if so a receipt will be provided in order to receive reimbursement from your insurance provider.  Thank you.

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