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Personal Training

What can a personal trainer do for you?
A personal trainer will push you, motivate you, and support you to be the best version of yourself by exceeding your personal goals and expectations.  I will be your coach, your teacher, and your biggest supporter during your personal fitness journey toward achieveing optimal health and a balanced life.
What is involved?
Initial Consultation & Important Forms
The initial consultation is done over the phone and we will discuss you and your goals!  Before our call you will be emailed a physical activity readiness questionnaire and waiver form in order to evaluate your current fitness level. 
Customized Online Program
You will have access to Trainerize to view your monthly customized fitness plan. Based upon our initial call and the data reviewed from your forms, a customized online program will be created for you, your unique needs, and wellness goals.
Track Your Progress
Before, during, and after any fitness and/or nutrition program, it is highly recommended to track your progress by measuring either your body weight, body composition, body mass index, waist circumference, and/or before and after pictures.  
Optional Service 
*Must be located in the DMV area
A DEXA Scan will be highly recommended to measure body fat percentages prior to the start of any fitness and/or nutrition program. These techniques are a more precise and reliable method that is typically adminstered by a trained medical professional.  A Balanced Life Rx LLC is in partnership with Composition ID to provide ABL members with credible and reliable body composition testing at a significant discounted rate.  Please Contact Me for more information.
DEXA ScanVan Prices
Organization & Coaching
Each personal training session is created to be about 45-60 minutes in length and will focus on an effective and efficient workout. The workout will be organized and planned based specifically on your personal goals and fitness needs.  For each workout, you will have access to movement videos in order to execute the technique properly to maximize results and minimize injury.  I will also be sure that you push yourself to be your best at each workout.  Remember, your time is valuable so don't waste it; make it count! In addition, weekly 15 minute follow up calls will be in place if in fact you need it.
What are you waiting for?  Take charge of your life.  Let's Get Started Today!  
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