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Nutrition Coaching

MY Nutrition Philosophy
Honestly, it is quite simple, Food is medicine.  I believe that the body should be nourished with wholesome, seasonal, and nutritous foods.  This can have a positive impact on the body in many ways:  prevent or reverse chronic disease, elevate your mood, enhance healthy sleep patterns, increase daily performace in and out of the gym, and improve your quality of life.  I believe in eating a balanced plate that consists of both macronutrients & micronutrients. 
MY three basic nutrition principles:
  1. Variety:  On a regular basis, consume different foods from within each of the food groups. I encourage you to eat all the colors of the rainbow as each color adds value to your overall health.
  2. Moderation:  Learn to be mindful and intuitive of portion control; not eating to the extremes, neither too much nor too little.
  3. Balance:  You do not want to consume only one nutrient at the expense of another, instead try to get the appropriate amounts of all the nutrients. Thus, I encourage you to balance your plate with lean protein, nutrient-dense carbohydrates, healthy fats as well as Vitamins & Minerals. 
Coaching/Counseling Style
I believe in a client-centered, individualized approach when working with my clients.  I understand that everyone has different nutritional needs thus one nutrition plan does not work for everyone.  As a team, you and I will discover and develop a customized action plan that best fits your unique needs, your body, and your life.  This journey will lead you to optimal health, happiness, and balance that can be sustained for life.  I ask that you trust yourself, trust the process, and ENJOY YOUR OWN WELLNESS JOURNEY
Who do I work with?
  • Youth & Teen Nutrition
  • Family Nutrition
  • Diabetes Prevention & Management
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Weight Management 
  • Sports Nutrition
Who can benefit from Nutrition Coaching?
Anyone can benefit from working closely with a dietitian, for numerous reasons:  maybe it's to fine tune your food choices, swap out unhealthy choice for more nutritious options, or perhaps you need to revamp your current dietary lifefstyle, are looking to manage or prevent a medical condition, or you simply just need inspiration for new, healthy, and quick meal prepping ideas and recipes.  
While some clients come in to primarily learn more about how their food choices affect their health, others are being referred by their primary care physician, pediatrician, or specialist to help further manage or even prevent a medical condition . Listed below are specific areas that I specialize in; primarily working with youth and families.
>Bariatric Surgery
As an RDN, it is my duty to provide you with current, reliable, and science-based nutrition information.  It is about giving you valuable tools and knowledge that you will need in order to implement healthy habits and achieve sustainable behavioral change for the rest of your life.
What should you expect during our 90-minute consultation?
The initial consult is 90 minutes in length and is mandatory for all new clients.  I offer virtual nutrition and behavioral based coaching that will take place using Healthie, a HIPAA compliant Telehealth platform.  We will discuss your primary reasons for wanting to see a dietitian as well as your specific wellness goals. We will then review your most recent blood test results, past medical history, including diagnoses, medications, and supplements, as well as current eating patterns, and more.  From there, we will dive into your current lifestyle habits to get a sense of your weight history, sleep patterns, stress and energy levels, physical activity, food allergies, and eating behaviors. This information provides me with the "big picture." Together, we will choose the best balance plate package as well as establish an individualized action plan that will meet your nutrition needs, wellness goals, and lifestyle.
As my client you will:
  • Put yourself first and get rid of the excuses! 
  • Explore your personal goals and learn to implement new healthy habits
  • Create a realistic and sustainable LIFESTYLE plan that works best for you
  • Learn to be mindful and intuitive with your food choices
  • Manage/Prevent health conditions
  • Increase your knowldege on nutrition 
  • Gain self-confidence and much much more; the benefits are endless!
What are you waiting for?  
Let's Get Started on YOUR Journey Today!   
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