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Additional Services

Nutrition Specific: Wellness Talks & Programs
Looking for a presenter for your wellness center or sports team?  I have done work with pediatricians, after-school programs, Crossfit gyms, corporate wellness, sports teams, teen/adult athlete groups, and much more....
Potential topics include:
  • Women's Health
  • Goal Setting
  • Quick and Healthy Snack Ideas
  • Nutrition Basics
  • "Lunch and Learn" (Nutrition HOT topics)
  • Meal Planning/Prepping Tips for the busy professional
  • The Corporate Athlete
  • Healthy Eating While Dining Out
  • Cooking with kids/families
  • Sports Nutrition for Teen/Adult Athletes
  • Hydration 101
  • Fuel Up with a Balanced Smoothie
  • And Much More!!!
Please contact A Balanced Life Rx LLC to discuss specific projects, wellness talk topic ideas, and my Stay Healthy group Wellness Challenges.
The Supermarket Adventure 
Learn how to shop effectively with a personalized 60-75 minute grocery store tour with a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). The tour will start with a brief 10-15 minute consultation where the dietitian learns more about your dietary preferences unless an initial assessment has already been completed.  During the tour you will be introduced to new foods and ingredients, learn how to read food labels, be given quick and healthy food options, be provided with a few meal planning tips, and a "basics" grocery store handout.  
Personalized In-Home Cooking Lessons
The cooking lesson is taught by a dietitian and will be conducted in the comfort of the clients' home kitchen.  These lessons are tailored to the clients' individual nutrition goals and skill level.  These lessons are specifically geared toward an individual who need to manage a medical condition, youth who need hands on experience & creative ways to incorporate more veggies, teens who are gearing up for college & need more confidence in the kitchen, or for families who need quick tips for meal prepping as well as healthier recipes everyone can enjoy! Handouts and recipes will be provided.  Clients' cookware will be used for the cooking lesson. Lessons are limited to 3 participants.
2-Hour Class:  $440
3-Hour Class $550 **Most Popular** 
Cooking Lesson includes:
1.  Phone consultation.  Typically, this is about 20 minutes in length unless an initial consult has taken place.  The RDN will review your current nutrition habits and discuss your health goals.  Following the consult, you will be emailed a detailed food questionnaire to identify your likes/dislike as well as any food allergies or specific food preferences.  This will guide the RDN to create a customized menu and cooking lesson that will meet your individualized health goals and personal dietary needs. 
2.  Supermarket Adventure. The RDN will meet you at your local grocery store and you will shop together for your cooking class for approximately 60-75 minutes.  The RDN will help guide you to make better food choices when shopping for your individualized cooking class.  Additionally, the RDN can answer any of your food and nutrition questions and if time permits show you how to read food labels.
3.  Hands-on cooking.  The cooking lesson will cover meal prep, a variety of cooking techniques, proper knife skills,   and much more! 
*The client is responsible for the cost of groceries.
*The recipes will be catered to your home kitchen and appliances.  

Interested in the services listed above?

Please apply to work with Me!

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